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How Do I Get Approval For A Bank Loan?

How Do I Get Approval For A Bank LoanIssuing a loan is one of the fastest and most convenient ways to make a large purchase. Especially if it is quite problematic to accumulate your own funds for its acquisition. Therefore, it seems quite logical that the number of potential customers of banks is not decreasing, despite the crisis in the economy.

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It is obvious that any borrower, when applying to a credit institution, wonders how to increase the chance of approval of the application? On the one hand, the criteria that influence the bank’s decision-making are quite transparent and well-known. However, it is not always possible to meet the requirements of a financial institution. The logical consequence of this is a serious probability of refusal to issue a loan, the rate of which has increased recently, which is associated with some tightening of loan terms.

How do banks process loan applications?

The bank considers the application received from a potential borrower in several stages:

In most cases, the bank applies well-established and formal criteria that are determined by each credit institution individually. However, the process of reviewing the client’s application is based on approximately the same principles, which allows us to formulate several rules that increase the likelihood of transaction approval.

Factors that increase the likelihood of approval

In order to increase the chance of obtaining a loan, it is necessary:

Quite often, in order to increase the chance of taking out a loan, the client makes several online applications to various banks at once. Existing services today allow you to carry out this operation without problems, making the probability of loan approval much higher.

Factors negatively affecting the application

Today, the main factor that can lead to the rejection of even a small consumer loan is a client with a problematic credit history. To further aggravate the situation, reducing the chances of approval of the transaction to almost zero, the overdue debt to any financial structures existing at the time of filing the application. It is quite problematic to count on a positive solution in such a situation.

Other negative factors may be:

How to increase the chances of approval

The process of issuing a loan should be approached extremely seriously. This is due to the fact that even such minor nuances as, for example, the appearance of the applicant during a personal visit to the branch, the manner of conducting a conversation with an employee of a financial institution and other similar trifles can increase the probability of transaction approval.

Quite often, a properly structured dialogue with an employee of the bank’s credit department can lead to the fact that he will prompt the most important points that are considered by the bank in the first place, or even help to correctly issue an application. In some situations, it is advisable to attract a credit broker, whose labor costs will more than pay off with a positive end result.

How long are applications processed?

The time of the bank’s reviewing of the loan application depends on several factors:

Given the above factors, it becomes clear why banks consider some applications within 5-10 minutes, while it takes 2-3 working days, and sometimes more than a week, to make a decision on other requests.

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