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Title Loans Ohio Online

If you have a car, you can issue a title loan Ohio online. Microfinance organizations (MFOs) promptly issue such loans. The car itself remains with the owner. We have analyzed the most common terms of MFIs for a loan secured by a title.

Title loan online Ohio: requirements

You will be able to apply for a loan secured by a vehicle if:

How is the registration of a loan secured by a title?

You submit an application to the MFI on the website, through a mobile application or a hotline. An employee of the company contacts you and offers to assess the car. You choose: to get to the office yourself, send documents online or invite a manager to a place convenient for you.

The expert evaluates the appearance, working condition, make, mileage and year of car’s manufacture. Usually, the loan amount secured by the vehicle is no more than 70-80% of the market value of the car. You conclude a contract and transfer the title to the MFO – the document will be stored there while the contract is in effect.

Advantages of a title loan Ohio online

MFOs also issue ordinary loans without collateral. However, with a title loan online Ohio, you can count on a much larger amount – up to $2,500-$5,000, depending on the car state (according to the law, MFIs cannot issue more).

Among other advantages, there are:


Title loans Ohio online are also issued by pawn shops and banks. Cons of pawn shops — they take the car to a paid parking lot, and the interest rate in them is the highest among financial organizations. Banks provide loans with the lowest rates. However, you will be asked for proof of income and the application will be considered for several days.

Reasons for refusing a title loan

Loan approval depends on the category of the car. Usually microfinance organizations work only with individuals (sometimes with sole proprietors) and do not issue a loan secured by PTS of commercial vehicles, trucks and special equipment.