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Offline Pawn Shops: Risky, Expensive, But A Lifeline For Many Americans

Offline Pawn Shops Risky, Expensive, But A Lifeline For Many AmericansMany people are afraid to issue cash advance in pawn shops as consider them risky and expensive. But this is not 100% true. The main risks when taking out payday loans at pawn shops are connected with improper use of funds and incorrect repayment schedule. Let’s understand what are the main risks associated with pawn shops either online or offline for Americans.

What risks may lie in issuing of a loan in pawn shops?

The main risk is fraudsters who disguise themselves as real lenders. They create websites that copy the pages of well-known organizations, choose similar names, corporate colors. All this misleads people. And during the application process, it turns out that in order to get a loan, you need to pay a commission. The borrower transfers the money and is refused a small loan.

A significant risk is associated with the provision of personal data, which fraudsters learn from the application. Then the borrower is denied a loan and the completed questionnaire is redirected to a real microfinance organization, changing only the account number. There, the application is approved and funds are transferred to the accounts of the attackers. And the debtor turns out to be an unlucky borrower who may have already forgotten about his unsuccessful attempt to get a loan.

But how to be sure you address the legal pawnshop to help yourself to get out of the temporary problems. We collect some tips how to find the right pawn shop.

When choosing a pawn shop, it is recommended paying attention to the following:

Are online lenders risky and inefficient?

Online loans are fast, convenient, affordable, safe. Payday lenders either online or offline set a low bar of requirements for customers, so lending is available even to people who are denied a loan by banks. But the question naturally arises whether it is safe to take out a loan via the Internet. After all, the absence of the need to visit the office of the organization expands the potential of fraudsters. If you are intended to issue a payday loan, you may use a short form below:

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How to protect yourself from fraudsters when getting an online loan?

In order not to fall for the bait of intruders, follow the recommendations described above. Do not provide any personal information without verifying the integrity of the company. In order to protect against fraud, MFIs, when submitting an application, request a package of documents and data sufficient to confirm the identity of the borrower:

To make sure that the borrower and the person whose data is used to submit the application are the same person, representatives of the credit institution can request a photo with the ID in their hands. In order to prevent receiving money on someone else’s card, the bank card must be nominal, that is, contain the first and the second name of the holder. The remaining validity period of the card must be at least 3 months.

For additional authentication, the card must be confirmed. To do this, you need to have at least a small amount in your account. The organization carries out the verification by providing an invoice for payment for a small amount.

So that no one can use your data to get a loan online, keep them in a safe place. Do not disclose to outsiders the expiration date of the card, the CVV code, set strong passwords for mobile banking.

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